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I’ve been playing around with Grasshopper as a way to manipulate + generate 2d drawings. Some interesting results…. this one was a 30-min attempt to imitate the work of Michael Jia with grasshopper…. Advertisements

Been busy with school and work (more on these topics when I get a chance!) but wanted to share some components I just uploaded to Daniel Davis’s In addition to the Match Path and Partial Flatten clusters from the previous post, I have uploaded several new clusters: 1. a cluster to convert a mesh […]

Just gave my personal website a much-needed redesign and content update… Take a look at Documents my student work in Architecture and some of my digital artwork. For the Grasshopper junkies, the projects of most interest are probably the wine hotel and the “eat me” wall, although GH was used for more than half […]

Though Rhino’s “Dir” command offers U Reverse, V Reverse, and Swap UV, it is sometimes inconvenient to have to accomplish these things outside of Grasshopper. There may well be a way to access these commands directly via scripting, but I have put together a little definition using regular GH components that basically achieves the same […]

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