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It’s been a long time since I posted here, but wanted to come back on to promote my upcoming Grasshopper workshop at the Facades+ Conference in Chicago on July 25! It will be a really exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of Grasshopper as a collaborative tool – we’ll be exploring strategies to build multi-user grasshopper […]

2012 in review


Since I haven’t been posting much lately I thought it would be fun to give a little recap of this last year of my life in terms of art, architecture, design, and technology. January to May – Thesis For the spring semester, I was hard at work on my thesis project at Cornell. Entitled “Case […]

I just finished putting together a beta version of a little project. It’s a tweetbot powered by a grasshopper definition. The bot transforms a cube according to a series of operations you specify, and then tweets a picture of the resulting form. There are currently 11 formal operations that the bot understands: split bridge stretch […]

Lately I’ve been playing around a bunch with automatically placing Grasshopper components on to the canvas. I did some experiments in this vein a few months ago, but I was inspired to pick it back up by this post by Thibault Schwartz. I published a few small (and fairly useless) experiments, placing sliders or panels […]

I was inspired by a recent post on Lebbeus Woods’ fantastic blog to write a rather lengthy response on my understanding of the difference between manual and digital drawing. Since it is rare that I can get my thoughts together enough to post ideas on this blog in addition to images and techniques, I thought […]

Inspired by this video, I decided to create a simulation of the same in Grasshopper and Kangaroo. It’s a series of uncoupled pendulums with lengths that increase in such a way that they each oscillate a whole number of times in a given period, producing harmonic motion. EDIT: definition now available here. In other news, […]

Lately, in some of my work I have been investigating unfolding complex forms with Grasshopper. The newest release of Grasshopper enables the use of Compound Transformations, which makes it possible to quite efficiently unfold strips of planar surfaces. In the past I have had to use pepakura or other similar utilities to perform the unfolding […]