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About a week ago, Michael Graves’ article entitled “Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing,” on the continued importance of drawing to architectural practice, was published in The New York Times. In the piece Graves laments the perceived death of drawing at the hands of “the computer.” He is willing to concede the utility of […]

In fairly typical fashion, I spent some valuable hours leading up to my thesis review (it’s today, wish me luck!) working on something entirely unrelated. Inspired by a question on the Grasshopper message board I put together a definition that allows you to record the motion of a set of sliders and then replay that […]

Warning: Serious GH geekery ahead.   Since David Rutten added to GH the ability to set a default text panel background color, I’ve had my panels set to be white instead of the default bright yellow. But in all my old definitions, the panels remain yellow, and it drives me nuts. I was going through […]

Though it may in the end feature in some of my thesis work, I consider this largely a separate investigation, and potentially one with more relevance to more of the readers of this blog. I have continued a line of investigation into imitating manual drawing techniques with automated processes. Taking advantage of the new “Pen” […]

I haven’t yet decided how I want to manage the social-media-blogging component of my thesis process, which will begin in January when I return for my 10th and final semester. In a way I am inclined to be somewhat schizophrenic about it, with different aspects appearing different places. If that’s the logic I follow, it will probably […]

I haven’t updated in a long time, as I’ve been busy with school and thesis prep. Here are a few brief updates on the latest things I’ve been working on: 1. Studio My studio this last semester was a traveling studio taught by Professor Alex Mergold of Austin Mergold and Alexander Brodsky, the Russian artist and […]

Since January, I have had the pleasure and privilege to work for the artist Sarah Oppenheimer, aiding her in the process of realizing a number of installation pieces. Sarah hired me to apply Grasshopper to a number of problems in the process of preparing her pieces for fabrication, from initial conception and design all the […]