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About a week ago, Michael Graves’ article entitled “Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing,” on the continued importance of drawing to architectural practice, was published in The New York Times. In the piece Graves laments the perceived death of drawing at the hands of “the computer.” He is willing to concede the utility of […]

Though it may in the end feature in some of my thesis work, I consider this largely a separate investigation, and potentially one with more relevance to more of the readers of this blog. I have continued a line of investigation into imitating manual drawing techniques with automated processes. Taking advantage of the new “Pen” […]

Grasshopper + Photoshop

Morphogenesis 2


I have continued to pursue an investigation into the creation of a library of abstract formal operations with Grasshopper. Shown below are a few of the operations I’ve created, operating on the same two base primitives. By themselves, none of these are particularly interesting, useful, or challenging to construct; it is in their repetition or […]

latest artwork


Been exploring some new techniques lately… trying to escape a visual rut I had found myself in.

Back before I started learning processing I was playing around in flash and actionscript… this was a little interactive animation I made last summer. link

live ribbons


as promised, here’s the live applet: link