2012 in review


Since I haven’t been posting much lately I thought it would be fun to give a little recap of this last year of my life in terms of art, architecture, design, and technology.

January to May – Thesis

For the spring semester, I was hard at work on my thesis project at Cornell. Entitled “Case Study in Translation,” the project attempted a parametric reinterpretation of the Case Study House program of the American Mid-Century. Beginning with parametric analysis of the precedent houses, the project attempted to understand the formal and functional logics at work in the houses, and produce algorithmic translations of those logics in order to bring them into a contemporary context, adapting them for the cultural conditions of the present day. You can read a bit more about my thesis here, and you can flip through my thesis book on Issuu.




May and June – Graduation and a new Job

I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell in May, and the following month moved to Seattle, WA to start work at NBBJ as a Design Computation specialist. I’ve been enjoying the job; it’s a great place to work, with lots of exciting projects and knowledgeable and talented people. I’ve been learning a ton and loving Seattle. NBBJ has been doing innovative work with computation for a long time and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team.

August – HDT Utilities

In August, I released HDT Utilities, a suite of Grasshopper components for expanding Grasshopper’s ability to reference and operate on objects in Rhino, as well as some components for manipulating Data Trees. “HDT” was meant to stand for Heumann Design/Tech, but I’m not sure anybody got that. A colleague at work has suggested I change the name of the tools to “Human,” keeping in line with the animal naming convention in the Rhino ecosystem (and punning on my name, of course). The latest version of the tools has been downloaded more than 600 times, and I’m planning an update in the near future.

October – ACADIA SF

In October, I attended the ACADIA 2012 conference in San Francisco, and co-taught a workshop on Parametric Case Studies with Andrew Kudless of CCA and Matsys. For the conference I also wrote an expanded version of the post that first appeared on this blog, Michael Graves, Digital Visionary: What Digital Design Practice Can Learn From Drawing. Some discussions I had with Kudless at the conference grew into a series of Grasshopper studies around self-diagramming algorithmic processes, which in turn grew into….

November – Tweet2Form

In November I launched Tweet2Form, a Grasshopper-powered Twitter bot that produces a diagrammed formal process based on a series of commands you send it. More info on that project in this post. One of these days I’d like to produce a post explaining the technical mechanisms behind the bot in greater detail. If this is of interest to you, let me know, it will help me get motivated to put something together.

December and January – Wallpaper* and CLOG: BRUTALISM

There are a few exciting things happening right now. I was selected for Wallpaper* Magazine’s 2012 Graduate Directory, so grab a copy of the January issue and flip to page 128 to see the blurb, or just visit the online version here (I’m the first one under the architecture section).

Finally, I’m excited to announce that I have a piece on generative brutalism in the upcoming CLOG: BRUTALISM. Keep your eyes peeled!

I’ll conclude with a few of my favorite pieces from this last year on my tumblr:

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