Tweet2Form: The Formalist Tweetbot!


I just finished putting together a beta version of a little project. It’s a tweetbot powered by a grasshopper definition. The bot transforms a cube according to a series of operations you specify, and then tweets a picture of the resulting form. There are currently 11 formal operations that the bot understands:

shearA (Shear angular)
shearD (shear with displacement)
quadscale (scale about 3d quadrants)


The bot can sequence up to 10 of these operations based on your tweet. Here are some examples:

@tweet2form split bridge

@tweet2form bend shearD

@tweet2form shearD stretch stretch stretch

@tweet2form fold shearA stretch scale twist split bridge

The parameters of each operation are randomized based on each unique tweet ID, so even sending the same series of operations multiple times will result in different forms.
Right now I have the bot running on my personal laptop, so it may not always be “listening” for updates. It may take up to 30 seconds for the bot to respond to your tweet. I have no idea if I will find a permanent home for it but check it out in the meantime!

Send a tweet to @Tweet2Form and see what comes out!

5 Responses to “Tweet2Form: The Formalist Tweetbot!”

  1. 1 Dhruv

    This is thee perfect recipe for a public sculpture!
    Brilliant WOrk!

  2. It would be good to get a bigger pic of the final form – with several transformations squeezed into one pic it’s difficult to see any detail.

  3. Andrew I would like to ask you some interview questions for a phd thesis dealing with theoretical generative beginning with Sullivan and Turing and where botanic elements are transformed as architectural scaffolds, elements, and eventual exoskeletons. Thanks Dennis

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