Recent Work – Part 3: More Drawing with Grasshopper


Though it may in the end feature in some of my thesis work, I consider this largely a separate investigation, and potentially one with more relevance to more of the readers of this blog. I have continued a line of investigation into imitating manual drawing techniques with automated processes. Taking advantage of the new “Pen” display mode in Rhino 5 as well as techniques I’ve developed with Grasshopper for doing automated hatching, I have been exploring various ways of faking pencil and pen-based architectural graphics. Below is a scattering of examples:

A self portrait done as an early attempt at automated, shading-based cross hatching. Directly produced from a photograph.

Another, slightly more sophisticated attempt at the same technique.

This one combines Rhino 5's anti-aliased Technical "Pen" display view with some automated shading based hatches, as well as some fairly subtle Grasshopper-produced "wiggle" in the lines to prevent them from looking too automatic.

A not altogether satisfying first attempt at a "stippled" effect.

4 Responses to “Recent Work – Part 3: More Drawing with Grasshopper”

  1. Hi Andrew. Love your results, do you mind revealing a bit more how you achieved the hatch in the third drawing? Is the grasshopper produced wigglle smth that you can share or ot least give a hint?

    • 2 heumanndesigntech

      Hey Wiktor –

      Nothing too complicated about it – I basically took the hatches, exploded them into curves, and then loaded them into another definition. In that definition, I took each curve, divided it by length into a bunch of points, then displaced the points by some small random vector, and then created a new curve from the displaced points. Hope that helps!

      • nice thank you. and do you generate outlines of the shadows with grasshopper as well?

      • 4 heumanndesigntech

        Yeah in most cases I am using the “Mesh Shadow” component to get clean shadow edges.

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