More Grasshopper-Enabled Drawing


Grasshopper + Photoshop


4 Responses to “More Grasshopper-Enabled Drawing”

  1. 1 Philippe

    Fantastic work, very inspiring stuff.

    Could you discuss your process taken here?

  2. 2 heumanndesigntech

    With pleasure! There are a number of processes involved – The first is a generation of rectilinear form, seen most clearly in the final image. For this and the first image I am using a custom C# script I wrote that starts with a box and then repeatedly booleans out random boxes from the side of it (as you go up the lower image you see the results of increasing iterations of the process). The first two images also utilize a trick for creating fish-eye perspective views by using flow along surface to map geometry from a plane to the surface of a sphere. I have also taken the linework from the geometry in both upper images and used grasshopper to extend the lines an arbitrary distance. Finally, there’s a great deal of manipulation of resulting high-resolution rhino screen shots and renders in photoshop, with blending modes and other compositing techniques.

    Hope that sheds a little light on the process!

  3. 3 stu

    top image is dope

  4. 4 Jacek

    Very interresting work! Great that you’ve explained the process, it would be even more fun to see a slideshow or a time-warp animation…

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