drawing experiments


I’ve been playing around with Grasshopper as a way to manipulate + generate 2d drawings. Some interesting results….

this one was a 30-min attempt to imitate the work of Michael Jia with grasshopper….

5 Responses to “drawing experiments”

  1. 1 hyde

    Great Work!
    Is it possible to send me ur GH definition for those 2 drawings? Thanks!

    • 2 heumanndesigntech

      sorry – for my artwork I prefer to keep the generative code private.

      • Hey! I love the stuff you’ve been able to come up with using grasshopper/Photoshop + I was just wondering how much baking is involved in getting these images out.



      • 4 heumanndesigntech

        Thanks Sarah! There’s often baking + rendering involved. I also frequently bake in order to take advantage of the new view modes in Rhino 5, like the Pen view (minus the horrible default background texture).

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