Assign Paths and Hatch Curves


Just added a couple more to! The first is a simple tool for manipulating data paths, similar in its workings to the match path component. This one accepts an arbitrarily structured list of data and then a list of paths to assign to them, to offer a maximum level of control over the path structure.

The second allows for the creation of hatches in Grasshopper. It accepts a set of closed planar curves, and hatches them with specified attributes.

3 Responses to “Assign Paths and Hatch Curves”

  1. Thanks for uploading these Andrew, you contributions have been huge. The ‘hatch curves’ is especially popular, even out ranking the original components on the site: Catenary curve.

  2. 2 Mostapha

    Hi Andrew,
    Great scripts and components! I have a quick question for you in relation to AssignPath. How can I use AssignPath component to sort a list of numbers as input data. Seems it’s not working for numbers. Is it true or I do something wrong?

  3. 3 Mostapha

    Sorry! I should play around more before bug you… It’s working for any sort of data. 🙂

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