New Components,


Been busy with school and work (more on these topics when I get a chance!) but wanted to share some components I just uploaded to Daniel Davis’s In addition to the Match Path and Partial Flatten clusters from the previous post, I have uploaded several new clusters:

1. a cluster to convert a mesh to a BRep
2. a sun angle calculator adapted from the work of Ted Ngai
3. a simple cluster to extract an item from a list and separate all other items on the list
4. a cluster to calculate a spatial isovist (the volume of space visible inside a given Brep from a specified point). See an example of this in action here:

I urge you all to contribute your own utilities to – it has the potential to serve as a great directory of useful functions and a platform for the exchange of work and ideas, and I am excited to see it grow!

One Response to “New Components,”

  1. Andrew,

    Thanks for the post. I have not seen the library website before and I am looking forward to trying out the isovist definition.


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