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Continuing my line of research into automated morphogenesis, I decided to create a new “form generator” in Grasshopper, this time limiting myself to purely orthogonal geometries. This self-imposed restriction appealed to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, a technical one: limiting my geometries to boxes means that grasshopper can handle more operations without failing […]

This semester I took a seminar in Processing with Professor Yanni Loukissas, investigating novel ways of mapping cities interactively. My final project for the course was an application investigating the hidden distortions in rationalized transit maps. The app allows the user to display San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York, with a number of different […]

I was thrilled to see the exposure and occlusion components in the latest beta release of GH that David Rutten released two days ago – and I had to give them a try myself. Here’s a simple test I did combining Ted Ngai’s sun vector definition ( with the exposure component. I set up a […]

Here is a workflow I’ve developed for mapping images to meshes and other geometry. It’s useful for setting up raster based geometry manipulations, or for mapping image-based datasets to topography, for example. I’ll explain in detail the technique for displacing a mesh with a greyscale raster image, and then at the end suggest ways to […]

Though Rhino’s “Dir” command offers U Reverse, V Reverse, and Swap UV, it is sometimes inconvenient to have to accomplish these things outside of Grasshopper. There may well be a way to access these commands directly via scripting, but I have put together a little definition using regular GH components that basically achieves the same […]