Morphogenesis with GH


I’m intrigued by the possibility of automated morphogenesis in Grasshopper. I imagine the possibility of amassing a set of custom operations that can be strung together in an arbitrary order – a sort of dictionary of formal moves from which to draw. The influence of random inputs to these operations offers the possibility of calculating a wide range of variations from which to select the most appealing or best-performing.

The following represent various results of the same set of formal processes, with different seeds to the random inputs. A fairly wide range of forms is possible from the sequencing of relatively few operations: in this case, the process takes an initial form (a simple box), divides it into a few parallel slices along a random axis, and then rotates those slices independently, before rejoining them into a single form, to be passed through the process again several times.
seed 11
seed 28
seed 45
seed 77
seed 91
seed 99

2 Responses to “Morphogenesis with GH”

  1. veeeeeeeeery impressive!

  2. 2 Mack

    I am very interested in this to represent shape grammars. Is their any way you could provide me with how this was implemented as I am new to GH.

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