Mesh+Surface Deformation Tools


Two grasshopper definitions I wrote for the distortion/deformation of polygon meshes or NURBS surfaces with either points or curves. Download definitions here: Mesh Tools | Surface Tools
Mesh Tools

9 Responses to “Mesh+Surface Deformation Tools”

  1. 1 Anders

    Hi. Cool script, but when I try to download it, its only there as a text file. Was there suposed to be a grasshopper file aswell?



    • 2 heumanndesigntech

      They are grasshopper files – just right click (ctrl click on a mac) and save the linked file. They should come out as a .ghx file – if not, simply change the extension.

  2. 3 Adam

    Thanks bro this is the sort of thing I want to acheive…

  3. 4 anchel

    Hi! I found the images very interesting as I am looking for something to smooth a topography, but unfortuneately I have the same problem as Anders – the file doesn’t save as a grasshopper file and changing the extension doesn’t help either. Would you be so kind as to maybe post a screenshot of the definition? Thanks

    • 5 dope

      1.right click – save target as
      2.when the dialog box opens change the extension to .ghx from .xml
      3.change the file type from xml document to all files
      grasshopper should now recognize the file

  4. 6 rct

    really good results, i’ve only seen the images, but i was trying to achive the same and havenĀ“t been able to get it to work, i’am gonna try it now

  5. i am not able to download the files…. i get a message that file not found

    • 8 heumanndesigntech

      They are there… just right-click and choose “save”

  6. Great effect when used with a mesh i generated with weaverbird, Thanks! now to figure out how it works…

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